My Final Exams are soon – I am not prepared…

My final A-Level exams are coming soon… and it is safe to say that I am panicked. But not in the can’t-sleep-can’t-eat type of way. In the, I’m way too unmotivated for an A-Level student way.

Look, I’m an 18-year-old girl whose education and exams have been disrupted by the pandemic. My situation is not unique. Most A-Level students have been completely disregarded, ignored then fake appreciated by the government over the past year (I will never forgive Gavin Williamson for this chaos). However, I know that whilst teachers say they are considering the pandemic, that will have no effect on my grades.

Year 12 Nelle would be so disappointed at my current state. The previous A* goal I had has very rapidly diminished to me simply wanting to get into my chosen university, no matter the grade. The slow but steady drain of motivation during lockdown has meant that I am left with no desire to do well for myself but simply the desire to do well for university. How sad is that?

However, I decided to use the single piece of motivation I had, university, and channel that into my revision for my final set of exams in April. While scrolling down for For You Page on TikTok, the root of my procrastination, I stumbled across a video of a girl explaining a more effective method of revising. This amazing girl is @amani.dspam on TikTok, and I will link the video below. In the video, she explains the pitfalls of revision timetables. To put it simply, revision timetables tend to be dated. If you ever lose the chance to do one of your tasks, it can lead to demotivation. This can cause an ever-increasing backlog of tasks you have to complete. I noticed that this may have been the cause of some of my demotivation when revising.

One way she says to combat this is to create a tracker on Excel based on your subject specification. Something like this…

After listing all the topics on your specification, you should put your revision methods at the top. So for me, I put memorisation, active recall, notes and exam questions. Eventually, as you go along, you should fill each gap green once you feel confident with it. The idea is that you can clearly see what you need to work on without feeling the pressure of doing them by the end of the day and prioritise what you may need to work on.

So for me, I am going to attempt to try this out. I’ve listed out the topics for my subjects, and over the Easter Holidays, I am going to attempt to see if this works for me. As I said before, my motivation levels have been pitifully low, and this is my last-ditch attempt to try and get into the university I want. After a week, I will write another post on how I found it and, after two weeks, another post on the long-term effectiveness of this.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this or a similar method below! I would love to hear your experiences around it.

Wish me luck…
I’m going to need it 🙂
~ Nelle

*Here is the link to the TikTok Video: *

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